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ILMOP Duo Series (Prince Song Duos)

$21.00 USD / On Sale

Love the timeless music of Prince?! If you're like me, you grew up on his genius sound. I first took notice when "Purple Rain" debuted, despite being about 9 years old. As many people know, we were forced to say goodbye to this legendary man, in 2016. His music has previously inspired me to make 2 polishes in 2014 & 2015, but his sudden passing has led to so many more creations.
These colors will be listed separately below and are currently available for purchase, in limited amounts.

Each of these duos will be released separately, but they'll have a limited time frame to be purchased, before moving on to the next one. Each subsequent duo will have a limited quantity available, so place those orders!

"Duo 1" will be: "When Doves Cry" & "Delirious (Dahlia 2.0)!"
"Duo 2" will be: "Sometimes It Snows In April" & "Little Red Corvette"
"Duo 3" will be: "1999" & "Darling Nicki" - Coming In Late April /Early May!!!
"Duo 4" will be : ???
"Duo 5" will be: ???

Pre-sale for "Duo 1" starts approx. February 1st!! Shipment will begin approx. 3-7 days afterwards. Sold in 15 mL bottles.
February 28th is the tentative final date for purchase for Duo 1!

More details & swatches to come! "

  • Duo 1 90%
  • Duo 2 90%
  • Duo 3 100%
  • Duo 4 Sold Out
  • Duo 5 Sold Out
  • Raspberry Beret 83%
  • Let's Go Crazy! 83%
  • #ThePurpleOne 83%
  • Baby, I'm A Star! 83%