All About BGL!

Baby Girl Lacquer, formerly known as Dainty Digits Polish, got its start at my nail table,in the summer of 2013. The craze began with the desperate search for holographic polishes.

Since I couldn't find them locally, I researched how to make them. My earliest "mad scientist" moments gave birth to "Series I" of the Galaxy Holos. My flagship collection is "The Galaxy Collection". It started out as 14 colors, but in 2020, it has now grown to over 50+ shades!

Collections may come and go, but that one started it all and is here to stay!
"Frankening" was a hobby that turned into an addiction to create many unique colors.

BGL is all about producing unique, one-of-a-kind, 5-Free & 10-Free creations!

Made with Cruelty-Free pigments.

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