7 mL Galaxy Holos Sampler!!


Want to try a holo, but can pick which one? Try a 7mL sampler bottle!
Simply pick a favorite color from Series I-IV, add the color choice in the notes and drop it in your cart!!

Series I: (1-14)
Your Royal Pinkness, Planetary Pearl, Earth Angel, Sunshine N' Lollipops, Milky Way, Neptune's Nebula, Mercury Sunrise, SuperNova, Jumpin' Jupiter Flash, So Saturn, Pacific Ocean, Wish Upon A Star, Neptune's Wonderland, Black Hole Sparkle.

Series II: (15-28)
Planetary Pearl: Reloaded!, It's Not Pluto, Cosmic Chaos, Orbital Path, Out Of This World, Total Eclipse, Sky's The Limit!, Aurora Shimmer, Voyage To Mercury, Blue Moons, Zodiac Dreams, Stardust Splendor, Haley's Comet, Cosmic Dust.

Series III: (29-42)
Waxing N' Waning, Indigo Stargazer, Stratosphere, Moon Gazer, Earth To Venus, Nibiru, Mission To Mars, Eris, Sun Burst, As Blue As Neptune, Tropic of Capricorn, Ceres, Water On Mars, Tropic Of Cancer.

Series IV:(43-56)
Titan, Triton, Callisto. Titania, Phoebe, Proteus, Deimos, Io v2, Oberon's Eclipse, Caliban, Phobos, Europa, Cyllene, Umbriel.