BGL Duochromes , Multichromes & Magnetics

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Karma Chameleon Collex:
As an Aaliyah fan, I read that this was one of her favorite songs. I liked the song since I was a kid and the video is very colorful. The '80s were an awesome era for music. I'm happy that I was able to witness it in my childhood.

This collection will feature four, shifty colors. Each color is named from song lyrics:
"If Your Colors Were Like My Dreams"
shifts: Reddish Copper/Gold/Green (see what I did there?!) 😜
"You Come & Go, You Come & Go!" shifts: Pink/Violet/Red/Copper
"Every Day Is Like Survival"
shifts: Red/Bronze/Copper
"You're My Lover, Not My Rival"
shifts: Green/Blue/Red/Purple/Violet
within a deep blue base. **very unique **

15 mL bottles
"Beyond The Cosmos" Collection:
Are you ready for some beautiful, sparkly, blackened multichrome polishes?! Well, the "Beyond The Cosmos" is right up your Galaxy! (See what I did there?! 🤣)
Get your cosmic fix for Fall!!
This collection contains four, enchanting polishes that were made to look like the beauty of outer space.
Each deep, rich shade shifts with every move of your hand and the sparkle won't let you look away!
"Cosmic Experience"- Shifts Red/Bronze/Gold
"Astral-Nomical" - Shifts Green/Blue/Violet
"Nebular Dreams" - Shifts Blue/Violet/Indigo
"Galactic Bronze" - Shifts Bronze/Gold/Green

This was created for the fall of 2019. It was originally a 4 pc set, but now they are individually available. Each color is packed with flakies and glitter shards.

15 mL bottles
BGL is going full magnetic for Fall 2020!
The "Drawn 2U" Collex is a cool, 5ct magnetic multichrome polish collection inspired by the various galaxies! Galaxy inspiration is how BGL (FKA DDP) got started! (see Galaxy Collection series)
Each of these MAGnificent polishes contain a touch of holo, color-shifting flakies, UCC & magnetic UCC flakes in every bottle!
Grab your favorite or the whole set! While supplies last!
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Love gemstones and blackened magnetics? Well, you'll love this trio! I created this unique collection from a random idea in March. Since the colors are darkened, I wanted to wait until the Winter to release them.
The colors are: Gorgeous Garnet, Smoky Citrine and Deepest Sapphire. Each magnetic has its own unique combo of pigments.