Crelly Collectives I


Love Crelly Polishes? Well, this "Crelly Collective" is the listing for you! These crelly creations are all very unique.
Sold in 15 mL bottles.
Crelly Collective I:
If you were around in the early DDP days (2013-2015), you would remember a few of these as "Glitter Topperz"! You might even own a few of the OG's! They were totally clear and full of assorted glitters. Later on, they were revamped to become beautiful crelllies. The rest of these crelly creations were whipped up along the way.


"My Crayons Melted!" - A bright yellow crelly with a glitter mix of yellow, turquoise, black , white and hot pink shapes in various sizes. [OG]

"All Over The Place" - A mango crelly base with a glitter mix of peach, mint , hot pink , black and lavender glitter bits. [OG]

"Might NEON 2 Somethin' " - A bright pinkish-coral crelly base with a glitter with three, very vibrant neon shapes in lime green , turquoise and hot pink. [OG]

" A Unicorn Sneezed" - A bright red jelly base full of glitters in every color of the rainbow inside, as well as a variety of shapes. [OG]

"Mousin' Around" - A creamy white base filled with beautiful holo gold and silver mix, including holographic "mouse ear" glitters.

"On A Whim" - A creamy lime crelly base, with a mix of beautiful, florescent lime green, turquoise, purple, white and lavender hex glitters in various sizes.

"Springtime Follies" - A soft lavender base filled with a playful and sparkly pastel mix of soft , springy colors, like mint, soft pink, lavender, baby blue and white hex and square glitters.

"Slightly Emo" - A soft gray base filled with a somewhat dark mix of subdued colors, like black, hot pink, purple, lavender ,gray and white in various hex and shreds glitter sizes. The name was inspired by a certain gloomy, cartoon donkey.

"Fiesta Forever!" - A soft peach base filled with a lively mix of colors, like royal blue, grass green, plum, red and peach in various hex glitter sizes. The name was inspired by part of a song lyric, "All Night Long!", which is by Lionel Richie! I enjoyed the song and fun video, as a kid.

"StarStruck" - A soft white crelly, filled with a sparkly patriotic mix of red, white and blue , in star, hex and tiny square glitter shapes.

"Sea Queen" - A creamy turquoise base filled with a sparkling mix of colors, such as metallic violet, teal, baby blue, white and lavender, in various hex glitter sizes. This crelly and name was inspired by a mermaid.

"Let's Go Crazy!" - Actually, this crelly needs no introduction, but just in case you were wondering, it was inspired by Prince in August '15. It's a vivid purple crelly, (of course) and it's full of a sparkling glitter mix, like holo purple, hot pink, metallic violet, gray, white and lavender. The name was inspired by a Prince song of the same name.

"DEAL With It!" - Inspired by a deck of cards, it is a skim milk-colored crelly with hearts, clubs, spades & diamonds in red and black. Accented with red & black micro glitters. (Pic will be updated soon!)