Custom Mix Acrylic Powders (Universal)

$18.00 - $32.00

2020 Update: Revamped Containers!
Calling all LNTs!
BGL now has custom-mixed color acrylics!!! Mixed by an LNT for LNTs!
Nudes & Pastels Spring 2019!
Each one is mixed by hand and beautifully vivid. Each one contains "Universal" polymer powders and safe pigments!
Each container is filled as high as it will allow. Some settling may occur.
Custom colors can be created.
Sparkle can be glitter and/or flakies.
SFX signifies glow and mood/thermal.
ATTN: Primary/Tertiary Colors Coming VERY SOON!!! (TBA)
Love creating glowing acrylic sets for your clients or yourself?! Here are some of my custom mix powders. These are all made with a "universal" polymer and can be used with any monomer. Some mixes are GITD only and other GITDs have unique glitter mixed in with the glow pigment. These beauties glow for HOURS!! Available while supplies last.

Net weight per container: 0.93 ounce (as much as the container can hold).

----->>> ATTN LNTs: Email for exclusive* discount code!
(*: MUST provide valid proof of being an LNT/Student LNT)

Ingredients : Polyethylmethacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Benzoyl peroxide, glow pigment.
May also contain: assorted glitters, mica and D&C pigments.