Baby Girl Lacquer

Galaxy Collection: Series I (2013-14)



Galaxy Collection: Series I:
The collection that started it all! Created in the summer of 2013, these colors are still going strong! Grab one of these beautifully unique holos, you won't be disappointed!

Series II picks up where the last one left off. Available in 14 unique shades. Find your favorite and order it today!

  • Earth Angel (Grass Green) 5 in stock

  • Sunshine N' Lollipops (Sunny Yellow) 4 in stock

  • Mercury Sunrise (Burgundy) 5 in stock

  • Pacific Ocean (Blue) 4 in stock

  • Milky Way (Silver Pearl) 5 in stock

  • SuperNova (Dusty Blue) 5 in stock

  • Wish Upon A Star (Deep Midnight Blue) 5 in stock

  • Black Hole Sparkle (Gun Metal) 5 in stock

  • So Saturn (Mint) 5 in stock

  • Neptune's Wonderland (Turquoise) 5 in stock

  • Neptune's Nebula (Peachy Orange) 5 in stock

  • Planetary Pearl (Dusty Rose) 4 in stock

  • Jumpin' Jupiter Flash (Purplish Burgundy) 5 in stock

  • Your Royal Pinkness (Hot Pink Sparkle) 5 in stock