*[Top Seller!]* Glitter Be Gone! [Peel-off Base]

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Love glitter, but you're beyond sick of the tedious removal problems?! Wanna know how you can pop off whole, glitter applications, without damaging your nail beds? It's way easier than you think! Feel free to grab a bottle of "Glitter Be Gone!". Created in August 2014, my unique concoction dries fast and you can easily peel off the glitter when you're ready. I'm not the originator of POBCs, but I tweaked my formula just a little. As a Licensed Nail Tech, helping you maintain healthy nails is my top priority!

Suggested directions:
Use 2 coats for best results. Dries matte when it's time to proceed with polish!
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Express Removal: Apply 1-2 coats as a base and then polish.
Extended Wear/ EZ Removal: Apply standard base coat, then apply 1-2 coats of GBG. This will allow you to apply a different polish immediately after.
Latex-free. Skin-safe, non-toxic & water-based.
Ingredients: A proprietary, latex-free mixture of purified water, polyvinyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol & polyvinyl alcohol.

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"Poof! Be Gone!" Latex-Free Barrier:
Do you have latex sensitivity? Then "Poof! Be Gone!" Liquid Drop Cloth is just right for you. It has a bright citron green color and a nice, clean scent.
*Dries In Approx. 5 minutes
*Safe for skin
*Moisturizes the skin when peeled away

**Please note: if using during watermarble nail art, be advised, it may be affected by prolonged exposure to water. Simply allow it to dry fully before peeling.
Ingredients: A proprietary mixture of PolyVinyl Acetate (PVA), Isopropyl Alcohol, PolyVinyl Alcohol (PVA), Organic Cuticle Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Acrylic Paint (to help aid in better peeling action; non-toxic/skin-safe)