🎗️Pause 4 The Cause🎗️ Collex

$8.75 - $9.00

This collection got its start in October of 2013 and expanded from there.
Every color in this collex has a purpose and a cause that it supports. Many of them were made in honor of family and friends. An awesome assortment of crellies and toppers. More awareness colors will be added in the near future.
Sold in 15 mL bottles.
BCA- Breast Cancer Awareness, DVA- Domestic Violence Awareness, AA- Autism Awareness, CCA[1]- Childhood Cancer Awareness, OCA- Ovarian Cancer Awareness, CCA[2]- Cervical Cancer Awareness, PAILA- Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness, SPA- Suicide Prevention Awareness.
(*)- Polish is sheer; (**)- Polish has been slightly updated