Baby Girl Lacquer

BGL Asst'd Top Coats

$5.25 - $50.00


2020 Update: Now sold in slender 15 mL bottles.**

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Check out all of BGL's awesome top coats!

Diamante Glam Gloss: High shine top coat that shines for two weeks; no streaking!

Speedy Glam Gloss: Fast drying, non-streaking and lasting shine!

Smoke: Translucent black base, perfect for pond manis.

Matte-Nificent: A wonderful, dry-to-touch matte finish. Best matte topper ever! Nail techs swear by it! Note: avoid excess oils to maintain matte look.

*Tree Hugger: Water-based. Perfect for protecting foils and chrome powders from the harshness of top coat. You can safely apply your standard top coat after "Tree Hugger" has fully dried.
******[ Not sold during Winter months, due to the potential to freeze and be rendered useless.]*******

------------------------Sparkle Top Coats:------------------------------
Galactic Blast: The original "galaxy" holo top coat and first ever created by BGL/DDP on 10.08.13! Turn ANY color into a holographic polish! Most importantly, #ItWontGrayOutYourPolish !

Aurelia: A sparkly golden flakie topper.

Meteor Shower: A silver top coat with both linear and scattered holo.

Pyrite This Way: A golden glitter top coat that will remind you of Fool's Gold.

Ma-Holo: Matte + Holo = a very unique combination that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It's literally the first ever matte holo top coat ever made! (created on 6.21.14)

*NEW* Galaxy Sparkle: a clear topper filled with holographic flakies! Gorgeous over any shade, but especially darker shades. (created 2.22.17)

*NEW* I Flaked It: A gorgeous mix of multiple flakie types, all in a clear base. Gorgeous over any shade, but magical over black and other dark shades.
(created 2.22.17)
*NEW* Smog: Translucent, holo black topper that makes an excellent base for pond manis.
*NEW IN 2019*
✨1849: This is a magnificent "gold rush" in a bottle! This beautiful topper will make anything you apply it over GORGEOUS!!
🦄 Unicorn-Fetti: A crazy sparkly holo topper with assorted rainbow flakie glitter & rainbow confetti glitters.
------------ MANI ESSENTIALS 4PK KIT---------
Can't start a mani properly without a good base and top coat!
Here's what's included:
Creamy Base Coat - A soft pink base coat with a built-in ridge filler. Great to use as a base for French manicures.
Glitter Be Gone! - A water-based base coat that's perfect for glitter manis or swatchers who need quick changes between polish shades! #ASwatchersBFF
Diamante Glam Gloss - Hi-Shine top coat that lasts for two weeks.
Tree Hugger - Water-based top coat that's great for foils and nail decals. Provides a protective coating between top coat and art!

  • Diamante Glam Gloss - Hi-shine! 39 in stock

  • Speedy GG - quick dry! 38 in stock

  • Galactic Blast (Holo)-TOP SELLER ('13) 7 in stock

  • Matte-Nificent 8 in stock

  • Ma-Holo 10 in stock

  • *NEW*-As A MATTEr of FLAKE! (Matte/Scented) 10 in stock

  • *NEW* Unicorn-fetti 9 in stock

  • *NEW* 1849 - Gold Rush Topper 8 in stock

  • Tree Hugger (Water-based TC) 9 in stock

  • Smoke 10 in stock

  • Smog (Holo) 10 in stock

  • Aurelia 10 in stock

  • Pyrite This Way! 10 in stock

  • Meteor Shower 9 in stock

  • ICE Princess ('14) 10 in stock

  • Galaxy Sparkle 10 in stock

  • I Flaked It! 10 in stock

  • Galactic Blast Super Globe 2 in stock