Baby Girl Lacquer

8TH IndieVersary Duo

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💅🏾Help BGL celebrate the Eight Year IndieVersary! It all started as Dainty Digits Polish on 8/14/13. The rebrand to Baby Girl Lacquer took place on 11.23.17. BGL offers the same beautiful polishes that DDP did, the name just had to change.
Why did BGL choose Peridot?! As stated earlier, DDP/BGL debuted in August. Peridot is the official August birthstone, so it just seemed right!!
The duo consists of:
"Crème De La Peridot"- a creamy, peridot green shimmer crème.
"Peridot X Fire Opal" - a shimmery peridot green crelly full of an assortment of UCC Flakies.
Singles now are available as well, so grab your fave!!
Available for thirty days and/or while supplies last! (no restocks)

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