Baby Girl Lacquer

BGL Spring Duos

$23.00 - $26.00


It's Spring again!
It's time to see the world's scenery come back to life!
Duo 1: Scabiosa & Wisteria:
These two polishes were inspired by two purple/Blurple flowers. Each one has linear and scattered holo pigment added. "Scabiosa" is a bold Blurple & "Wisteria" is a creamy, soft purple. Together they make a great pairing.

[πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ“Έ credits: @charlotte.s812 on Instagram]

Duo 2: "So Peacock-y" & "Shake A Tail Feather":
So Peacock-y has returned with a slight remix to have more duo-chrome pigment. It also has lots of glitter to mimic peacock feathers. "Shake A Tail Feather" is a remix of "So Peacock-y" with lots of assorted flakies added to the mix.

  • Duo 1: S/W 16 in stock

  • Duo 2: SP/SATF 19 in stock