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[Clearance] All Bottled Up! / Overpour-Palooza

$5.00 / On sale

------------------OVERPOUR PALOOZA: PPU Overpour Sales------------------------
------------------------Grab Bags----------------------
Various Lacquers Of Enigma (Mystery/VLOE):
Like receiving mystery colors? Well, I happen to have an assortment of "enigmatic" colors available. You'll swear it's deja vu, but I plead the 5th! ;)
Over a dozen mystery colors available!
SORRY, No restocking of individual colors! New overpour colors added periodically!

************CLEARANCE PRODUCTS **************
I have a few bottled up a things that were leftover from an event and all of these beauties must go! I have nowhere to store them! Most are priced at least $1.50 off per bottle. If you drop $40+ in your cart, use code GOTTAGO & save an additional 30%!!!!